Infographics / Data Visulaization
Service / Product
BMS Care+ / Go4Energy
4 movies
work: design and animation:
openers, use of AI data, optimization and savings, air supply systems, failure detection, screens of service application, with titles and charts, closers
new model of the VW Passat Alltrack and its new qualities
screening design
TV series
2 episodes: 'Zarobić na mieszkaniu'
('Earn Money by Renovating an Apartment')
broadcaster: TVN Style
(Warner Bros. Discovery)
work: design and animation:
floor plans, flat adaptation change
2 episodes (pre-visuals): 'Przemek Saleta - Najcięższe zadania'
('Przemek Saleta - the toughest tasks')
broadcaster: National Geographic Channel
work: design and animation:
episode 1: work of fishermen at sea: dimensions of a fishing boat, searching for fish using sonar, fishing nets
episode 2: work of mountain rescuers: map of the cave, the way to the victim in the cave, being buried by an avalanche, oxygen level, temprature level, running time
pilot of series: 'Nocny Konwój' - Polish Edition
('Night Convoy')
broadcaster: National Geographic Channel
work: design and animation:
road maps and oversized cargo transport problems
Na Rogu Strusia / In the corner of Strusia Street
Distances to attractions and transport benefits seen from the roof of the property being built for sale